Our Lodge

Barclay No. 90 is Port Alberni’s only Masonic Lodge, tracing its roots to 1911 as Arrowsmith Lodge No 62., focused on Antient York Rite work.  Our lodge falls under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia & Yukon.  Read more in depth about the history of Port Alberni’s Barclay Lodge No. 90.


The seal of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia was adopted at a meeting held in Victoria on 27 December 1871: “That the seal of the District Grand Lodge E. R. be altered as to suit this Grand Lodge, and be adopted as the seal of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia.” The Grand Treasurer’s report for 1872 notes the expenditure of $15 on 19 February 1872 to E. Watson Engraving, and an additional $13 on 9 March 1872 to L. Curtis Engraving, but nothing is known of the seal’s illustrator, and no record remains of its devising.

You can read more about the history of our Grand Lodge.

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